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What a Hell of a Way to Die

Aug 18, 2022

It’s a full episode of DadChat, in which Nate and Francis talk about the futility of trying to stay relevant to rude teens, Jacked Danny Elfman, Britain’s current drought, why it’s much more pleasant when you’re not trying to live like a burnout 20-something in your 40s, and much more.

Shouts out to Thomas O’Mahony, @gotitatguineas, who helped edit this episode and also sourced us a really great feature on Danny Elfman’s workout routine and fitness ethos:

For this week’s bonus, well, it was supposed to be a Zoo Crew discussion of a recent story about military contractors, but Francis, Joe, and Carey simply couldn't stay on topic. So, please enjoy what effectively amounts to a DadChat, except with the alternate cast–you can get the full episode on Patreon here:

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