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What a Hell of a Way to Die

Feb 28, 2024

This week Francis discusses a Chinese Jody looking at 10 months in prison for doing Jody stuff. We also dive back into the 1943 Women's Home Companion and the sunsetting of yet another free benefit for troops that's being taken away.

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Feb 27, 2024

Once upon a time there was an incredible show called Deadliest Warrior which took stoned conversations guys had in the mid aughts about who would win a fight and put it to some of the goofiest tests you've ever seen. Francis is joined by KD to talk about the Gladiator vs Apache Warrior

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Feb 26, 2024

This week Francis interviews Jordan from the Better Way 2A organization. We discuss gun rights, legislation, arming your queer friends, and handling all the latest at Shot Show 2024

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Feb 25, 2024

Sorry for the delayed episode!

For this week’s DadChat, Nate and Francis discuss relationships: what they’ve learned from previous ones, what they appreciate about their partners, how they’ve tried to improve upon years of making mistakes, and how fortunate they both feel to have met people who like them despite...

Feb 21, 2024

This week Francis talks mystery books, Ukraine, and why the HELL THE SAILORS GET TO PUT THEIR HANDS IN THEIR POCKETS NOW!

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