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What a Hell of a Way to Die

Mar 4, 2021

This week, Nate and Francis discuss the recent news that the military may require service members to take the covid-19 vaccine (much like it requires other vaccines) now that the FDA has approved it. So, why does the military have, on average a 30% refusal rate for the vaccine? And what really is going on with vaccination in the US? (source:


Also discussed: has the military actually helped reduce the risk of extinction for one species of woodpecker? Yes. Does this mean the military is good at ecology? No. (source:


This week's bonus is a combined Hell of a Way / Lions Led by Donkeys episode in which Joe relates to us the story of Valentine Strasser, the Sierra Leonean army captain (and specialist at heart) who took over a country and decided to change its national anthem to a disco tune -- among a LOT of other things. Get it on Patreon here:


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