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What a Hell of a Way to Die

Aug 8, 2019

NOTE: When we recorded this episode, news reports hadn't yet disclosed that the Dayton shooter's murdered sibling was a trans man. We wanted to update the show notes to reflect that disclosure.

It’s hard to write pithy show notes when a horrible weekend has just rained more indiscriminate death and destruction on America. Nate and Francis discovered this week that the Dayton, Ohio shooter followed them both on Twitter, which is not good. In this episode, they discuss whether or not online leftist shitposters should be introspective in this moment.

We also got a great question from a listener about how to navigate the fact that troops don’t like leftists and leftists don’t like troops. But then again, what about young leftists or left-adjacent people who join because the military is the closest thing to a real welfare state in America? We spend a lot of time breaking down our views on this, too.

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