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What a Hell of a Way to Die

Jan 18, 2018

Nate and Francis talk local politics with Connor Southard (@connorsouthard). Connor spent time in the same educational program as Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, who is currently in the hot seat for not just an extramarital affair, but possible blackmail as well after allegedly taking a picture of the woman in the nude and threatening to use it against her. Then, we talk the president’s “shithole countries” comment and why it’s irritating to see people use an immigrant as a shining example just because they came over and joined the military. Service isn’t why you should be here, the fact that you’re human and trying to make a better life for yourself is. Extended show notes - Connor’s piece on his own possible crazy local politician Erik Prince - Follow Connor on twitter - NEW NEWSLETTER! Sign up with your email here for a twice monthly news letter. Don't miss anything and have it delivered directly to you - Free bonus episode this month with Lee Carter. Veteran, Democratic Socialist and elected representative in Virginia's congress. Listen for free here - Got a story to share? You can do on the Voicemail line (314) 722-6138. You can also feel free to just DM, email at or send us an anonymous question or comment to Facebook - The Podcast - Francis - Nate -