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What a Hell of a Way to Die

Dec 27, 2017

Nate and Francis discuss Stolen Valor, as explained by Alex Nichols in his latest piece for The Outline. In the last decade or two of war, it seems Conservatives think there is no greater disrespect once can do than to dress up as a troop. Even though troops steal the most valor of all. Then, we talk about the President's insane new Challenge coin, and why at a certain point in your career, you just don't care about getting them anymore. Real Alex's piece here - Follow him here - Got a story to share? You can do on the Voicemail line (314) 722-6138. You can also feel free to just DM one of us and we'll read it on the show. You can listen to that mailbag episode here for for the low price of five dollars a month, as well as get in on a year of bonus content. Have questions for our upcoming mailbag? DM us or post to Facebook - The Podcast - Francis - Nate -