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What a Hell of a Way to Die

Nov 29, 2017

this week, Francis spends some time ranting about Sebastian Gorka's tryhard everyday carry list that appeals only to other tryhard douchbags. Then Francis talks with Dan Burke, an old friend and 3D artist who is working to create the most advanced medical mannequin ever for the DoD. The Advanced Modular Manikin system is meant to create standardization for a medical mannequin. Need a leg that simulates a break? Just snap it on. Or replace it with one filled with fake blood for the chest wound simulation. It's the Mr. Potatohead of combat lifesaving. Francis' Gorka EDC rundown on Task and Purpose - Not a subscriber? You're missing out on bonus content! Check out the latest bonus episode. Five bucks a month gives you access to mailbag episodes, interviews, and much more. Francis and Matt Christman talk about the fascist themes and weird science in Southland Tales - Have questions for our upcoming mailbag? DM us or post to The Podcast - Francis - Nate -