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What a Hell of a Way to Die

Jan 3, 2018

Nate and Francis talk aboutThe curious case of George Papadopoulos and his amazingly loud mouth after a few drinks. George managed to start the whole Russia investigation into Trump's campaign by getting shitty at the bar and shooting his mouth off. You can can read more of our thoughts here in the show notes. We also talk about the state of Massachusetts giving veterans the opportunity to dodge prison by going to counceling. And while we think it's good to give considerations to the troops, it would be nice if we treated everyone like someone who needs help rather than just locking them up. Read up about it here - Got a story to share? You can do on the Voicemail line (314) 722-6138. You can also feel free to just DM, email at or send us an anonymous question or comment to You can listen to bonus episodes for for the low price of five dollars a month, as well as get in on a year of bonus content. Facebook - The Podcast - Francis - Nate -