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What a Hell of a Way to Die

Dec 13, 2018

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This week, Nate and Francis discuss the recent revelation that former ISAF commander General (Retired) Stanley McChrystal told Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, “My best suggestion is to keep a limited number of forces [in Afghanistan] and just kind of muddle along and see what we can do.” Whom among us has not muddled along for 17 years to no effect? Francis explains how it’s hard to feel anything but betrayal when it comes to senior military leadership.

This episode also features a segment in which Nate and Francis discuss Redwall books, why Dune sucks, why ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’ is just postdoctoral Redwall, and much more. Francis also references Nate’s recent piece in the Outline, which you can read here:

In a short interview segment, Francis speaks with sociology student and veteran (@Falsemotive) about his sociological research on post-9/11 veterans. If you served in the GWOT, he’d love to interview you for his project.

Also, this week’s bonus episode features Adrian interviewing Alex and Faye from the Socialist Rifle Association about what it means to be armed and on the left. You can access that episode here:

*Veterans t-shirt notice* We have a new shirt available on our store. Did you know that VA disability is UBI for warriors? Well, you do now:

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