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What a Hell of a Way to Die

Sep 23, 2021

This week, Nate and Francis speak with friend of the show and investigative reporter Ken Klippenstein about the various things he’s got going on: reporting on DHS, reporting on labor law violations, and reporting on people in the military deciding to refuse one specific vaccine--it’s a great time.

Ken’s got a new story out about how the leaders of the Senate GOP endorsed ‘Afghan Resistance’ have actually fled the country. Get it on the Intercept here:

This week, Francis speaks with secret military lawyer Pat about the recent 'Woke Military' report commissioned by extremely smart Congressman Dan Crenshaw. It's a joke, but it gets to a significant issue: the problems that service members are facing do involve bad organizational practice, but they aren't about 'wokeness' and the only people complaining about that are probably not worth listening to. Get it on Patreon here:

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