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What a Hell of a Way to Die

Oct 29, 2020

It’s hard riding a tiger. It’s even harder if you’re McHooyah the ‘I Shot Bin Laden’ guy and the Trump/QAnon people decide that actually Bin Laden is still alive because of a conspiracy theory. However, this does in fact dovetail into Francis’ theory that--due to the preponderance of cop-worship in the Trump era--troops are playing second fiddle to cops in the eyes of bonkers Americans.


We do a little bit of DadChat/BritainChat at the beginning, but the regular episode starts at 8:26.


For this week’s bonus got Carey Shockey on with Joe Kassabian to discuss the 2000 George Clooney film 'The Perfect Storm'. We don't talk enough about boats, or the coast guard, or New England, so we needed an expert in all three. There are some serious spoilers in this episode so please be advised. Get it on Patreon here:


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