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What a Hell of a Way to Die

May 2, 2019

In this episode, Francis speaks with Army public affairs veteran Fred Wellman (@fpwellman) about a recent article by an Army PAO that basically blames the media for not being patriotic enough. As fellow flacks, they discuss why this is a garbage take and why everyone should demand more truth from the military.

Here is the dumb article that sucks:

In addition, we have an interview with all-round veteran badass Amber Mathwig (@tooterbelle) about her recent arrest at UNC, why the police are extremely comfortable with white supremacists on UNC’s campus, and why it’s good to demilitarize the veteran space.

If you want more info on what went down with her arrest, read it here:

This week’s bonus features a discussion with Bryan Quinby (@MurderBryan) of Street Fight Radio (@streetfightwcrs) on the topic of the recent Ben Affleck military thriller TRIPLE FRONTIER, a movie about divorced dad energy. Get that on Patreon here:

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