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What a Hell of a Way to Die

Sep 29, 2022

For this week's free episode, Francis speaks with reporter Steve Beynon discusses a new program that lets soldiers pick their duty stations as enlistment incentives. They also talk about terrible conditions in Army barracks, the fact that the Secretary of the Army tried to blame low recruiting numbers on journalists describing reality, and much more.

Read Steve's story here:

For this week’s bonus, we've finally gotten Shocks his own show, and we're calling it the 33rd County. It's a show discussing what it means to be Irish, and Irish-American, by virtue of putting one of each together and forcing them to experience the cultural products of both groups. In this inaugural episode, Shocks and cohost Thomas O'Mahony watch the Ben Affleck film THE TOWN and rejoice in its concentrated Boston-area dirtbag energy (exemplified by Jeremy Renner). Get it on Patreon here:

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