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What a Hell of a Way to Die

Aug 29, 2019

Francis is out this week, and this episode features Nate in discussion with Rhett J. Evans (@RhettJEvans), the author of a work of speculative fiction entitled “The Echo Chamber.” It’s a book about social media, corporate malfeasance, a dystopian future, and the possibility of a high-tech smoothie gadget playing a huge role in global affairs.

They also discuss Rhett’s political conversion from right to left, the unaccountability of social media companies, and the way online distorts people’s relationships.

You can buy “The Echo Chamber” on Books a Million here (or on Amazon if you want):

This week’s bonus features Brock Wilbur and Francis discussing the 2012 video game Spec Ops: The Line, a game where you give yourself PTSD and then freak out and kill your fellow troops. A bit on the nose, maybe, but it’s a great conversation. Get it on Patreon here:

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