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What a Hell of a Way to Die

Jun 28, 2024

This week Francis talks to Steve Beynon about his reporting on On base child care, Solders getting fooled by Russian Honeypots, and Dining Facilities looking like Airport food kiosks

Jun 25, 2024

This is the audio portion of youtube. See the video here - 

This week Francis shows off his second hand pickups, watches a Bradley Fighting Vehicle throw hands, and looks for more ways to expand the...

Jun 23, 2024

Nate and Francis are back for a dadchat and we’re talking Boy Scouts (no idea how we got to this topic). We were not Eagle Scouts and don’t have any stake in defending the institution, but we reflect on our experiences as weird goofy nerds in uniforms (before the military).

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Jun 16, 2024

It’s Father’s Day in the US and UK. In this episode, Nate and Francis are back with a DadChat that spans many topics... but particularly emphasizes the fact that, while vaping is better than smoking, you may be unable to resist its power.


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Jun 9, 2024

This week Francis and Nate discuss baby's first head bonk, preteen's first kiss, and how you too can set up a complex series of decades old cables to get that weird buzz out of your recordings