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What a Hell of a Way to Die

Jul 21, 2024

Nate and Francis are back for another dadchat, this time discussing: does an appeal to fairness help subtly encourage your kid to not trust cops? Does it count as vacation if you get sick? And have you ever built a computer from scratch?


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Jul 18, 2024


A surprising amount of towns in Indiana will give you money to move there. As our resident Hoosier, Nate takes Francis around the state to point out everywhere you shouldn't live

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Jul 14, 2024

This week we're talking rebrands. The same show as you know it, but soon to be What a Hell of a Way to Dad. Also, the overlooked technical, Disney World changes to their disability access pass, and more


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Jul 7, 2024

Nate and Francis reconvene for a DadChat on the topic of upcoming vacations and all the incredible things you can eat in Hawaii. Undying love for lilikoi? Check. A deep dive into the origins of li hing mui mango? Check. Odes to the wonderment of 7-11 foods? It’s all there.

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Jul 1, 2024

This month Jordan and Greg from Brigham Young Money join Francis to watch a faceoff between the Japanese Yakuza and American Mafia. 

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